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5 tips for success:

1. Know the business. Do some research on the audience, current state, and history. Don’t waste time asking questions you could have found out the answer to on your own.
#SIOP18 #IOPsych

— Aaron Kraus (@Aaron_Kraus) April 22, 2018

2. Don’t insult your audience’s intelligence. If you use terms they don’t know, they won’t like or trust you. Remember, they didn’t go to school for years to learn about reliability/validity, just like you haven’t sept the last decade running an organization. #SIOP18 #IOPsych

— Aaron Kraus (@Aaron_Kraus) April 22, 2018

3. Make the audience comfortable. Awkward social interactions lead to mistrust. Make eye contact, find common ground, be articulate.
4. Ensure your content is easily digestible. Pictures are more impactful than words; numbers can be misinterpreted or misleading.#SIOP18 #IOPsych

— Aaron Kraus (@Aaron_Kraus) April 22, 2018

5. Avoid telling people they are wrong, particularly by saying research suggests something to the contrary. Also avoid saying saying the word “but”. Use “yes, AND…” instead. Never, under any circumstance, say “trust me, I’m an I/O Psychologist. #SIOP18 #IOPsych

— Aaron Kraus (@Aaron_Kraus) April 22, 2018

Ryan Jacobson & Asia Eaton on Sexual Harassment Policies

In this episode, we talk to Ryan Jacobson and Asia Eaton about an experimental study they recently published about the effects of different kinds of organizational policies on employees’ willingness to report sexual harassment as a bystander. Apologies for the audio quality–Skype is a fickle friend.

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Sy Islam and Mike Chetta on Text Analytics

In this episode, we talk to Sy Islam and Mike Chetta about how they use text analytics in their consulting practice. Lots of great links to share this time around.

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Gabriel Pappalardo: From Skeptic to Ashram

Gabriel Pappalardo, Ph.D. went from mindfulness skeptic to living on a yoga ashram. How did that happen? Find out in this episode, along with Gabe’s thoughts on graduate school stress and mindfulness in the workplace. Gabriel is currently planning Mindful Activism workshops and is available for secular mindfulness consulting for companies.

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