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Like, Let’s Get Outta Here, Scoob!

“We address this opportunity by examining organizational ghosts, former organizational members who become the ideal prototype of an organization’s values and identity. Drawing on qualitative data from an organizational merger, our analysis revealed that admired and adored leaders with broad exposure became embodied organizational prototypes. After organizational exit, they became organizational ghosts, […]


The New Bottom Line?

“For too long, organizational science has implicitly or explicitly endorsed job performance as the ultimate criterion (or the bottom line for organizational performance). We propose that a broader vision of well-being—or optimal functioning—should be the ultimate criterion. This conceptualization does not preclude performance but rather encompasses performance while including many other important […]


David Costanza on Generations in the Workforce

Are there reliable differences between generations? Should business and HR leaders make decisions based on generational differences? Why are generations so popular on social media and in the popular business press? Are generations even a thing? In this episode, I interrogate Dr. David Costanza, Director of the I/O Psych Doctoral […]