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The Ethical Case for Evidence-Based HR

Dr. Restner, a board-certified oncologist, specializes in the treatment of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer. His go-to treatments include massive doses of castor oil, an alkaline diet, and something called electrohomeopathy. If Dr. Restner were a real person, he would quickly be stripped of his medical license and […]


An MBA in IO Psych?

A woman named Andrea Healy has been promoted to chief administrative and human resource officer at North Brookfield Savings Bank. Pretty typical press release, but this caught my eye: She has most recently completed an MBA in industrial organizational psychology from Anna Maria College. An MBA in industrial organizational […]


Understanding IO Psych Propels New Career Options

Soft and strong. Studies consistently show the most promising careers now require “softer” relationship-oriented abilities paired with strong analytical skills…Situated at the nexus of these needs is the field of industrial and organizational psychology. Cody Cox Make no mistake, this is marketing. But it’s a notch above the typical promotional […]


SIOP Whitepaper on Expatriate Employees

Dr. William Gabrenya (Florida Institute of Technology) and Dr. Yumiko Mochinushi (Texas A&M University) wrote this paper on “the experiences and challenges encountered by people who live and work outside of their home societies and introduces some of the solutions currently available to meet these challenges.” Read Culture and Overseas […]


Mindy Shoss Tells the Story of a Publication

Where do researchers get ideas for new studies? How do multiple co-authors work together on a single paper? How should we deal with rejection? In this episode, Mindy Shoss, Ph.D., an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a paper she recently published […]


Adler’s IO Master’s Program in Vancouver

Somehow, when you say the words psychology or psychologist, people automatically think you’re a shrink or you’re going to come in and do psychoanalysis. Shawn Ireland, Adler University Vancouver IO Psych Program Director Read Adler University Leads the Way in Training Industrial and Organizational Psychologists in The Georgia Straight.