Welcome to the Tribe!

Department 12 is a podcast, blog, and newsletter by IO nerds for IO nerds. We don’t sell anything. We just want to connect with each other and share cool stuff. (We hope you’ll share cool stuff, too.)

The Podcast

The Department 12 podcast features interviews with IO nerds about their projects, research, ideas, and experiences. Most episodes are about 10-20 minutes long so no one falls asleep. We have real conversations with real stories, not just people promoting stuff or presenting an audio version of their conference session.

You can listen to the podcast right here on the website or search for “Department 12” wherever you get your podcasts. 

The Blog

The blog features articles and opinions–ranging from the silly to the serious–by a variety of contributors. Imagine a conversation over drinks at the bar after a long day at a conference–that’s what we’re aiming for here.

The blog is easy to find: You’re soaking in it right now. To see the latest articles, click here.

The Newsletter

This is our newest project. Right now, it’s just an easy way to keep people updated on the latest podcast episodes and blog articles, but we may expand it in the future to include…whatever we feel like. (I was just looking at the statistics and almost everyone who receives it actually reads it and clicks on something. That’s pretty cool.)

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Hey! Would you like to be a guest on the podcast? Have an idea for a blog post or newsletter article? Of course you do. Send me an email and let’s get to it!