A Few Suggestions for SIOP

I haven’t published jacksquat since graduation. I admit, I sometimes feel a little silly sharing my opinions about research on this blog and the podcast given my lack of productivity. So, what’s my excuse?

It’s not a lack of ideas. I have a notebook full of topics which, if I ever get around to working on them, will make a modest contribution to the field.

It’s not a lack of time. Sure, I’m busy. But so is everyone else. If I’ve got time to host a podcast and write and edit this blog, I have time to conduct research.

It’s not a lack of participants. As a practitioner, I’ve got contacts at lots of organizations that I could call on.

So, what do I lack? Academic databases and an IRB. It’s really that simple.

Because I’m not affiliated with an academic institution, I’d be going into my own pocket to pay for those services. And man, let me tell you, they aren’t cheap for individuals.

I know I’m not alone. Plenty of practitioners are in the same boat. Could SIOP help us out? 

I get that forming an IRB for practitioners would be an expensive hassle, but think of the benefits. Practitioners could contribute more to the field and help close the academic-practitioner gap. In addition, by virtue of our work in industry, we have access to samples that academics can’t get to. Finally, serving on an IRB would give members valuable experience.

I have no idea if this is a realistic suggestion, but I hope it will be considered. Thanks for reading.