An MBA in IO Psych?

A woman named Andrea Healy has been promoted to chief administrative and human resource officer at North Brookfield Savings Bank. Pretty typical press release, but this caught my eye:

She has most recently completed an MBA in industrial organizational psychology from Anna Maria College.

An MBA in industrial organizational psychology? What’s that now? That’s a new one to me. I did a little digging on the Anna Maria College website and found this. As far as I can tell, this is an MBA with a four-course specialization/certificate in IO:

  • IOP 649 Applications and Issues in I/O
  • IOP 622 Leadership
  • IOP 710/IOP 701 Research Methods
  • IOP 633 Organizational Theory and Behavior

That’s a cool option, but I don’t think it’s cool that they included career info (i.e., labor projections, median salary) for industrial-organizational psychologists on the specialization page. Four courses in an MBA program are not going to qualify you as an IO psychologist.

They will qualify you to become a chief administrative and human resource officer, though, so they should start bragging about that!


  1. Joel Lefkowitz

    fyi, the Baruch College (CUNY) has offered an I-O specialization in the MBA program for more than 50 years…………….

    • Nicholas Baldwin

      Yeah. Roosevelt University has allowed for MBA students to earn a concentration in IO for decades also. I agree with Ben that this is not truly the same as an IO degree proper. There are some programs that allow students to complete both simultaneously cropping up now though.

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