Author: Ben Butina, Ph.D.


What (Else) Can I Do with an IO Psych Degree?

Become the Deputy City Manager of Valdosta, GA. Catherine Ammons, one of Valdosta’s new Deputy City Managers “holds a bachelor of public administration from Fayetteville State University, a master’s of organizational leadership and development from Grand Canyon University, and a master’s of organizational and industrial psychology from Walden University. She […]


Britt Gottschalk & Ethan Sprang on How I-O Psych Can Save the Organizational World

Can I-O psych save the world? At least the world of work and organizations? My guests think so. Britt Gottschalk and Ethan Sprang of ReVise Consulting join us to talk about how COVID-19 will change the world of work and how I-O psych nerds can help. Britt Gottschalk LinkedIn: Ethan Sprang […]


What is Evidence-Based Human Resources?

Let’s start with a definition of evidence-based management. I like this one from the Center for Evidence-Based Management: “Evidence-based management is about making decisions through the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of the best available evidence from multiple sources…to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.” Evidence-based human resources (EBHR) […]