Cody Cox & Greg Poole on Mixing Academia & Consulting

Listener Lindsey Lane asks, “…for a long time I have heard of people combining consulting and academia into one career (i.e., professors that consult on the side). Does this really happen?” Yes, L3, after a long day of teachin’, researchin’, publishin’, and committee chairin’, some profs unwind by pouring themselves a tall, frosty glass of consultin’.

Greg Pool and Cody Cox from the Department of Industrial / Organizational Psychology at St. Mary’s University are two such critters. In this episode, they talk about how their research, teaching, and consulting influence each other and some of the real world considerations of taking this on as a career.

Side Note: If you’re looking to promote your Master’s program with a sponsored advertorial-type article, you should check out Cody’s work, Understanding Industrial Organizational Psychology Propels New Career Options, in The Rivard Report. I’m not saying it’s good. I’m saying it’s real good.