Everyone Lies on Job Interviews

In our study … 100 per cent of people said they would lie or use deception in one way or another. It seems to be a fairly common thing. 

Jordan Ho

Jordan Ho, a Ph.D., a candidate in IO Psych at the University of Guelph, is the first author of a new study about faking in job interviews that will be published in the Journal of Personnel Psychology later this year. This study is getting a lot of play in the popular press.

That headline might seem like an exaggeration, but here’s the claim:

Responding to questions presented to them online, each of those 775 respondents agreed that — in certain circumstances — they’d be compelled to engage in some level of deception or exaggeration.

Brandie Weikle, CBC News

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Ben Butina, Ph.D.
Dr. Butina, who hosts the Department 12 Podcast, is an industrial-organizational psychologist with interests in training, leadership development, talent management, and positive psychology in the workplace.

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