I/O History Quiz

#1. If you were taking the first employment tests ever administered, what language would you be reading?

Emperor Wen of Han (China) introduced employment testing for civil service positions in the Imperial government around 165 BCE. Examinations continued–in various forms–until 1912 CE.

#2. If you wanted to visit Hugo Münsterberg at work in 1884, where would you find him?

Münsterberg served as Wundt’s research assistant until he received his Ph.D. in 1885. He was the ripe old age of 22!

#3. Lenin and Trotsky were big fans of his approach to work.

The Soviet Union embraced Taylorism as an inspiration for nauchnaia organizatsia truda (the movement for the scientific organization of labor).

#4. What was Elton Mayo’s side hustle?

Known primarily for his contributions to the young field of industrial psychology–and especially the Hawthorne studies–Mayo continued to see therapy clients throughout his career.

#5. If you want to visit Walter Bingham’s grave, where should you go?

His headstone reads, “Architect of the Classification System of the Army, 1940–1947.”