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Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology Mini-Course

Industrial-Organization (I-0) psychology is one of the fastest-growing fields in science. It’s also one of the least well-understood. In this course, you’ll learn what I-O psychology is, where I-O psychologists work, and some of the field’s major areas of research and practice.


  • High school or college undergraduate students in an introductory psychology course
  • Anyone considering I-O psychology as a career
  • Science journalists who need to know about I-O psychology and I-O psychologists
  • Anyone who is curious about I-O psychology

Format & Length

The course looks and feels like an interactive magazine article. It contains end-of-section review questions and 10-question end-of-course quiz. It can be completed in about 30 minutes.


All students who pass the end-of-course quiz with a score of 70% or better will earn a certificate.

A Note for Instructors

High school or college instructors are encouraged to include this mini-course in their existing courses or to assign it for extra credit. Students can present their certificates as evidence of completion.


This course is based on the text Industrial-Organizational Psychology, created by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and licensed under under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Minor changes were made to the original text for purposes of formatting. Images, interactivity, and assessment questions were added to this course by Benjamin Butina, Ph.D. on 2/16/2019.