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Three Self-Care Tips for I-O Psychologists

According to the 2020 SIOP Income and Employment Report, I-O psychologists have 26 areas of specialization to choose from. If you’re an I/O geek like me, you love—or at least have an interest) in—many of those areas. Right now, for example, I’m earning a Ph.D., designing and facilitating training programs, […]


Katrina Burch on Commuting

Katrina Burch, an Assistant Professor of IO Psych at Western Kentucky University, joins us to talk about the open road. Or subway. Or whatever. Is commuting a transition or a life domain in its own right? How does work spill over into the commute? Why is it so hard to […]


Stefanie Mockler on Coaching Leaders During COVID-19

Stefanie Mockler joins the show to talk about her work coaching leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about information and decision overload, isolation, communication, and how our sense of professionalism may be changing. Connect with Stefanie on LinkedIn Read Stefanie’s article, Playbook For Leaders: Checking in on Employees, Maintaining Personal Connection, […]