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The New Bottom Line?

“For too long, organizational science has implicitly or explicitly endorsed job performance as the ultimate criterion (or the bottom line for organizational performance). We propose that a broader vision of well-being—or optimal functioning—should be the ultimate criterion. This conceptualization does not preclude performance but rather encompasses performance while including many other important […]


Henri Maindidze on Mentoring as a Grad Student

Dr. Ben Butina interviews Henri Mindidza, a third-year graduate student in I/O psychology at Portland State University. Henry discusses his experiences with mentoring undergraduate students and how he helps them navigate the challenges of graduate school. He shares some of the most common questions he receives from mentees, such as […]


Rachel Baghelai on Research in a Consulting Firm

Join Dr. Ben Butina in this enlightening episode of Department 12 as he engages in a compelling conversation with Dr. Rachel Baghelai. Dr. Baghelai recounts her unconventional journey into the world of Industrial-Organizational (IO) psychology, transitioning from banking to pursuing a graduate program at Elmhurst University. Delving into her evolution […]

The Hollywood Sign

Trevor Nagle on Acting

Trevor Nagle is a working actor with more than 40 speaking roles in movies, TV shows, and live theater to his credit. He also does voiceover work and industrial films. In this episode, I talk to Trevor about what a day on set is really like, the unique challenges of […]


Andrew Holter on When the Data Doesn’t Fit

In this episode, Dr. Ben Butina interviews Dr. Andrew Holter about the surprising findings in his recently defended dissertation on whether self-efficacy, grit, and job satisfaction predict turnover intention among new registered nurses. Dr. Holter also discusses his background in public safety and how IO psychology is applicable in his […]