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Ali Salihoglu on Starting a Podcast

Ali Salihoglu is starting a podcast for the Hofstra IO Psych Student Association and he’s got questions! If you’re thinking about starting an IO psych podcast of your own, this is definitely the episode for you. We talk equipment, marketing, show length, and a lot more. Transcript This is an AI-translated […]


Jo Jorgensen on Running for President

What’s more grueling, writing a dissertation or running for President? What the are KSAs for a national political candidate? How is campaigning for a third party like teaching and consulting? How is managing a political campaign different from managing a company? In this episode, I talk to Dr. Jo Jorgensen, […]


The Problem is the Problem

Over the past week, the United States has been rocked by protests related to the killing of George Floyd. Despite the threat of a global pandemic, protesters have marched on the streets, seeking justice. Riots, property damage, and looting have marred the protests. As I have watched these events unfold, […]