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Marc Prine on Strategic Job Analysis

On this episode, Marc Prine, PhD, a Director of Talent Consulting and Assessment at Taylor Strategy Partners, joins me to talk about strategic job analysis. What is it, and what makes it different from traditional job analysis? Why should HR professionals get into it? How do companies use this technique? And, […]


Paul Thoresen on Change Management

In this episode, Paul Thoresen (@surveyguy2) joins us to talk about change management. Thanks to Chris Giebe (@chrisgiebe), Christopher Hudson(@chrishudsonjr), and Veronika Jakl (@VeronikaJakl) for their great questions. Show Links What’s the Evidence for Change Management? (HR Magazine) Effects of Change Interventions: What Kind of Evidence Do We Really Have? (Journal […]


Listener Questions

Sorry for the delay between episodes! In this short podcast, I answer some common listener questions about me, the way the show is set up, and I grovel for guests. If you’d like to be a guest, reach out to me at or on Twitter @department12pod.