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The Ethical Case for Evidence-Based HR

Dr. Restner, a board-certified oncologist, specializes in the treatment of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer. His go-to treatments include massive doses of castor oil, an alkaline diet, and something called electrohomeopathy. If Dr. Restner were a real person, he would quickly be stripped of his medical license and […]


Aaron Halliday on Data Science

Let’s meet Aaron Halliday, IO psychologist and data scientist. How did he end up in both worlds? What can IO psych offer data science and vice versa? How can an IO psych nerd go about learning more about all this stuff? You can connect with Aaron on LinkedIn and learn more about […]


An MBA in IO Psych?

A woman named Andrea Healy has been promoted to chief administrative and human resource officer at North Brookfield Savings Bank. Pretty typical press release, but this caught my eye: She has most recently completed an MBA in industrial organizational psychology from Anna Maria College. An MBA in industrial organizational […]