Some Suggestions for New I-O Psych Podcast Formats

I just finished interviewing Ali Salihoglu about his plans to launch a podcast for the Hofstra University IO Psychology Student Association and I’m psyched! I’m looking forward to Ali’s show and I’m hungry for more. We need more I-O podcasts and new voices like Ali’s. If you’ve ever thought of starting an IO podcast, here are some formats and ideas to consider. As a listener, this is what would excite me.

The Great I-O Debate

The host moderates a debate between two guests who hold opposing views about a controversial IO topic (e.g., Is Grit Different than Conscientiousness?). Get the audience involved on social media by asking them to suggest questions for the guests and to respond if they’ve changed their minds as a result of the debate. (Example: Intelligence Squared, Has the Electoral College Outlived its Usefulness?)

Diverse Voices in I-O

Interview I-O students, academics, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds about their experiences in the field. Focus on telling good stories with real emotion, obstacles, and conflict. (Example: The Moth, Shawna Renee Collins & Audrey Pleasant.)

Movies by Minute

Two I-O psych nerds comment on a movie (five minutes of the movie per episode) and discuss the I-O related issues and topics it raises. Office Space would be a great flick for this format. (Example: Groundhog Minute, MGD and Coffee.)

Mind the Gap

The host moderates a conversation between an academic and practitioner with a shared interest (e.g., job selection, leadership coaching) and discuss the gap between research and practice.

Job Analysis

In each episode, the host interviews someone with an unusual job (e.g., funeral director, camp director) and conducts an informal job analysis. The relevant research can also be discussed.

When I Grow Up

A kids’ show with an I-O psych nerd and a kid co-host. Together, they interview guests about their jobs to help kids and teens figure out whether the job would be a good one for them when they grow up. (Example: Brains On!, Why Do Kids Have More Energy than Adults?)

TIP/IOP Companion

Five minute episodes wherein authors of TIP or IOP Focal Articles or Commentaries discuss their recent publication.