Stefanie Mockler on Coaching

A warm welcome to Stefanie Mockler, a doctoral candidate at DePaul University. Stefanie is a leadership consultant, executive coach, and Head of Insights at Vantage Leadership Consulting. She’s also the founder and owner at The Female Leader’s Edge, where she coaches women leaders to overcome organizational barriers and reach their goals.

What is coaching and how is it different from other interventions? Is it about asking questions or giving advice? Is it regulated? What kinds of problems or goals do clients bring to coaching? Is an IO psych program good preparation for a coaching career? I interrogate Stefanie with all these questions, and more!

You can reach Stefanie on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.

In this episode I mention that this is the first discussion of coaching on the show. Uh, no, that would be this excellent episode with Alok Sawhney.