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Macy Cheeks & Shavonne Holman on Blacks in I/O

What’s it like to be Black in I-O psychology? When Shavonne Holman and Macy Cheeks graduated from Howard University—the country’s most prestigious historically black university—and entered graduate programs in I-O psych, they weren’t prepared for how alone and isolated they’d feel. Over dinner and drinks, they talked about forming a […]


Cody Cox & Greg Poole on Mixing Academia & Consulting

Listener Lindsey Lane asks, “…for a long time I have heard of people combining consulting and academia into one career (i.e., professors that consult on the side). Does this really happen?” Yes, L3, after a long day of teachin’, researchin’, publishin’, and committee chairin’, some profs unwind by pouring themselves a tall, […]