Penalties for the Overqualified

This research suggests that hiring managers penalize overqualified candidates because they assume two things about them. First, they assume that overqualified candidates have less interest in the organization and its mission than less-qualified candidates. Second, they assume that overqualified candidates…

Weight Stigma & Personal Responsibility

…workplace health promotion programs highlighting individual responsibility induced employees with obesity to feel individually responsible for their health, but at the same time made them perceive weight as less controllable.Täuber, Mulder, & Flint Lots of unsettling findings from this research….

IAT Blues

In recent years, a series of studies have led to significant concerns about the IAT’s reliability and validity. These findings, raising basic scientific questions about what the test actually does, can explain why trainings based on the IAT have failed…

Moneyball for Employee Selection Has Arrived

The U.S. unemployment rate is down to 3.9% and it looks like it’s going to be a candidate’s market for a long while. Sourcers and recruiters are howling and companies are competing for talent like never before. Enter AI and big…

Rich Mendelson on Diversity

In this episode, I talk to Rich Mendelson about diversity, performance management, education, research, and the halo effect. Episode Links: Rich on TwitterRich on LinkedInKeiser UniversityTake an Implicit Association Test from Harvard