Michael Vodianoi on Branding IO Psych

If you’re a fan of mispronounced last names, you’re going to love this episode. More importantly, we’ll talk about the IO Psych brand with Michael Vodianoi. Show Links: Michael on LinkedInMichael’s Article: Industrial-Organizational Psychology – Getting a Foothold in Canadian BusinessThe…

Makin’ it on the BLEEPIN Outside

Be sure to follow Aaron Kraus on Twitter (@Aaron_Kraus). You’ll be glad you did. 5 tips for success: 1. Know the business. Do some research on the audience, current state, and history. Don’t waste time asking questions you could have…


Hey, it’s every #IOPsychologist’s favorite topic! This show is really about science communication, so give it a listen. If you liked this episode, you’ll love You Are Not So Smart.