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Treat Yourself Holiday Gorging Triple Scoop

Do you like Department 12 but wish it was, you know, a little less boring? Then check out The I/O Soapbox, a YouTube video series that talks about I/O stuff in entertaining and clever ways. (You know, if you’re into that sort of…

James Hughes on Starting a Doctoral Program

James Hughes is a busy man. In this past few weeks, he’s moved, started a podcast, and began his doctoral program at the University of Connecticut. He’s also teaching his first class tomorrow. And did I mention he’s the co-founder of AGL & Associates,…

New Podcast: Clocking In

We are students getting our Master’s or Doctoral degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Apparently, we did not have enough homework so we started a podcast about workplace research to see how it pans out in real life. Clocking In Podcast Team…

Cold Call

Check out Harvard Business School’s case studies, in podcast form.

Podcast: Science Studio

Host Keith Pannell talks with Lisa Finkelstein of the Northern Illinois University Department of Psychology, and her specialty is Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology. Click here to listen.