performance management

A Downside to Telling People They’re High-Potentials?

When we communicate high expectations for an employee, they become more likely to back down or quit in the face of setbacks. Why? “…after exhibiting poor initial performance on a task, individuals who face high external expectations feel more embarrassed…

Performance Appraisal Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment

The results established a significant relationship between performance appraisal satisfaction and organizational commitment. Affective and normative commitment and overall commitment were found to have significant correlation with Performance Appraisal Satisfaction.Ahuja, Padhy, & Srivastava This study has some serious limitations (i.e.,…

Rich Mendelson on Diversity

In this episode, I talk to Rich Mendelson about diversity, performance management, education, research, and the halo effect. Episode Links: Rich on TwitterRich on LinkedInKeiser UniversityTake an Implicit Association Test from Harvard