Social Media

Political Affiliation and Hireability

In two experiments, recruiters were asked to reviewing job applicants’ social media profiles. The (manufactured) profiles were loaded with either explicit (Experiment 1) or implicit (Experiment 2) cues about the applicants’ political affiliations. The recruiters were then asked to report…

A Non-Smoking Smoke Break

Is using social media for personal business a counterproductive work behavior? Maybe, but it’s also a break. Interesting little study here and a good use of ecological momentary assessment. While more extensive non-work social media use at work was generally…

Dr. Hugo Münsterberg: Unthawed

In this episode, we catch up with Dr. Hugo Münsterberg, unfrozen after 100 years. Dr. Münsterberg talks about his wide-ranging and controversial career. You can follow Hugo on Twitter (@HugoMunsterberg) or send him an electrical telegraph message at