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One Small Step for IO

Getting to Mars is going to take teamwork. Project FUSION, lead by IO psychologist Dorothy Carter, is figuring out what that really means. Successful communication and collaboration among multiple teams will be an essential part of deep space travel, and this is Dorothy Carter’s expertise. An industrial and organizational psychologist […]


Andrew Naber on Team Agility

Every commonly-accepted word or phrase was once a new-fangled buzzword (or buzzphrase, I guess) that caused people to roll their eyes. In this episode, Andrew Naber defends the freshly-minted phrase “team agility” against my onslaught of curmudgeonism. If you’re not following Andrew on Twitter (@AndrewMNaber), you’re missing out. 


Gordon Schmidt on the Virtual Future of Leadership

In this episode, Dr. Gordon Schmidt discusses how virtual work and the gig economy may change how we look at leadership, team cohesion, and organizational identification. Show Links Follow Gordon on Twitter: @iopsychology The Future of Leadership is Virtual Using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Other Compensated Crowdsourcing Sites Virtual Leadership: An […]