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Britt Gottschalk & Ethan Sprang on How I-O Psych Can Save the Organizational World

Can I-O psych save the world? At least the world of work and organizations? My guests think so. Britt Gottschalk and Ethan Sprang of ReVise Consulting join us to talk about how COVID-19 will change the world of work and how I-O psych nerds can help. Britt Gottschalk LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittgottschalk/ Ethan Sprang […]


Errors in Training

Imagine you’re in charge of training medical students to conduct ultrasounds. The students will complete a three-hour simulation-based training program. Which set of directions would offer them? Read the options and then make your choice below. Follow the exact simulator instructions step by step to complete the assignment. Do not […]