Teaching Stats the Non-Awful, Non-Boring Way

Jess Hartnett, an IO psychologist teaching at Gannon University, shares weekly tips for teaching statistics at her blog, Not Awful and Boring Ideas for Teaching Statistics.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post:

I spent many a summer day at Rehoboth Beach, DE. The seagulls there were assholes. They would aggressively go after food, especially your bucket of Thrasher’s french fries. Apparently, this is a global problem, as a group of stalwart researchers in the UK attempted to dissuade gulls from stealing french fries by staring those sons-of-a-gun down. Researchers Goumas, Burns, Kelley, and Boogert shared their data. And it makes for a nice t-test example.

Jess Hartnett

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