The Best Place to Work in D.C. for an I-O?

Every year, The Washington Post publishes a list of Top Workplaces in the D.C. area. This year, a consulting firm that employs I-O psychologists made the cut in the mid-sized companies category:

Fors Marsh Group employs experts in a range of disciplines, including election administration, communication, industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, economics and user experience, for a range of government and corporate clients. Company leadership has a stated vision to “combine the power of science and strategy to improve people’s lives,” often through various forms of organizational change.

Fors Marsh Group, which has three locations in the D.C. area, is a Certified B Corporation, which I have to think is rare for a consulting firm.

And since you’re an I-O geek, you’re probably wondering about the methodology for determining a “Top Workplace.” Well, for what it’s worth, here it is.

Energage conducts these Top Workplaces surveys in partnership with major newspapers in cities across the country. The newspapers get great copy. Energage gets access to a bunch of potential clients. Participating companies get a free taste of their results, which Energage, obviously hopes will whet their appetite for more. Say what you want about it, this is a gorgeous piece of marketing.