What (Else) Can I Do with an IO Psych Degree?

Become the CEO of two county-wide charitable agencies simultaneously.

Catholic Charites of Steuben (CCS) has announced that Tabitha J. Brewster assumed her new role as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer on Sept. 3. Concurrently, she retains her position as CEO of Catholic Charities Livingston County. By combining these roles, Brewster will further the missions of Catholic Charities of Steuben and Catholic Charities of Livingston County.

Wellsville Daily Reporter

Dr. Brewster has a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Walden University.

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Ben Butina, Ph.D.
Dr. Butina, who hosts the Department 12 Podcast, is an industrial-organizational psychologist with interests in training, leadership development, talent management, and positive psychology in the workplace.

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