Why I Became an IO Psychologist: Scott Davies

I’ve got a great episode on qualitative research in IO psychology coming up. In the meantime, here’s a brief clip from one of the guests on that show, Dr. Scott Davies of PointLeader Predictive Analytics. You can follow Scott’s company on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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I spent eight years in a steel mill in a foundry before I became an IO psychology since why I became an IO psychologist was that I listened to guys who worked in this place who had no one to talk to they didn’t fit their jobs well at all.

They didn’t want to be there, but it was the only way they could feed their family and and listen to their problems and and heard why they were there doing what they were doing.

And it was through that process that I decided I wanted to become an IO psychologist and help those people right that there was more money being spent on the oil for the machines and the and the machines. tools in the welding rods, then was being spent on helping these folks get through the day or the night or the month or the year. And and they were people, right? They weren’t numbers. They weren’t just an employee number. They were real people with real lives in real families.

And that was the heart and soul of the steel foundry that was providing a living for 1500 families in Atchison, Kansas.